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Self-Actualization as a Developmental Structure
The characteristics of self-actualization are fully reflected in excerpts from Saint-Exupery's autobiographical writings. The correspondence between the characteristics of self-actualization and Saint-Exupery's developmental profile gains special…

Inner Growth and Transformation in the Life of Eleanor Roosevelt
This article describes Eleanor Roosevelt's discipline of inner life. An earlier study (Piechowski & Tyska, 1982) showed that Eleanor Roosevelt met all the criteria of self-actualization as given by Maslow. Maslow labeled her a "doer" rather than a…

Etty Hillesum - The Thinking Heart of the Barracks
"The thinking heart of the barracks" is how Etty Hillesum described herself when she was an inmate of a German concentration camp in World War II. She entered voluntarily to prepare herself for the inevitable end. Her diary is the story of her inner…

Giftedness for All Seasons: Inner Peace in a Time of War
This is a study of three lives in transformation, two of which are directly concerned with the issue of war: Etty Hillesum, a young Jewish woman who lived in the Nazi occupied Amsterdam and later died in Auschwitz and Peace Pilgrim, an American woman…

A Developmental Framework for Self-Actualization: Evidence from Case Studies
This study presents a theoretical framework for personal growth leading to self-actualization, and case studies of individuals engaged in such growth. Maslow's description of self-actualizing people and Dabrowski's theory of emotional development are…

Is Inner Transformation a Creative Process?
After some musings, the answer to this title's question is "yes." Piechowski bases his argument on Dabrowski's theory of levels of emotional development, Maslow's concept of "self-actualization," and Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.…

Peace Pilgrim, Exemplar of Level V
Cases of secondary integration (Level V), the most advanced level of development through positive disintegration, are easily found within the religious sphere. To find a secular case of secondary integration presents a greater challenge. The life of…

Self-Actualization Profile of Eleanor Roosevelt: A Presumed Nontranscender
Maslow distinguished two types of self-actualizers: the "seers" or transcenders, and the "doers" or nontranscenders. A previous study of self-actualization focused on Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a poet who wrote in prose and was very much a "seer." The…

Lives of Positive Disintegration
Keynote from the 13th International Dabrowski Congress, Naperville, IL.
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