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Papers related to the original Overexcitability Questionnaire (OEQ).

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A Comparison of the Concept of Overexcitabilities with Measures of Creativity and School Achievement in Sixth Grade Students.
This was an investigation of 12 gifted and 12 randomly selected sixth-grade students to determine the relationship between levels of overexcitability and scores on the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking and the California Achievement Test. Responses…

Developmental Potential in Venezuelan and American Artists: A Cross-Cultural Validity Study
By comparing the overexcitability scores of 27 Venezuelan and 23 American artists, support was found for the hypothesis that creative individuals show a high degree of animistic, intuitive, and emotional thinking. Overexcitability refers to…

Comparing Overexcitabilities of Gifted and Non-Gifted 10th Grade Students in Turkey
The study compares overexcitability scores of Turkish 10th graders who are grouped in terms of their intellectual abilities, motivation, creativity and leadership as well as gender. 711 students who were administered Raven Advanced Progressive…

21 Years With the Dabrowski Theory: An Autoethnography
This autoethnography gives a personal and cultural account of my work with the Dabrowski theory. I have administered the Overexcitability Questionnaire (OEQ) and the Overexcitability Questionnaire II (OEQ-II) to 16 cohorts of talented high school…
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