Overexcitability Research (non-OEQ)

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Overexcitability Research (non-OEQ)


Studies involving the concept of OE which did not use the OEQ or OEQ-II as an instrument.

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Psychological Intensities in Young Gifted Children
Emotional sensitivity and emotional intensity are well documented in gifted children. Dabrowski (1967, 1972) proposed that sensitivity and intensity were a part of these children’s psychological makeup and instead of being indicators of neurotic…

An Instrument for the Measure of Dabrowskian Overexcitabilities to Identify Gifted Elementary Students
The ElemenOE is a Likert-scaled observation checklist developed in this study to measure 5 personality characteristics in elementary school children, with predictive validity for identifying giftedness. The characteristics, named…

High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities
High intelligence is touted as being predictive of positive outcomes including educational success and income level. However, little is known about the difficulties experienced among this population. Specifically, those with a high intellectual…
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