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A Garden of Ethics
Annemarie Roeper and Leta Hollingworth are the ethical bedrock of the field of gifted education. Though they never met, their legacies are intertwined. They gave us a child-centered perspective, in which ethical development plays a pivotal role. This…

Perfectionism is the least appreciated facet of giftedness. It is usually perceived as a sign of emotional disturbance that needs to be cured. Yet it is an inevitable part of the experience of being gifted for several reasons; (1) it is an abstract…

My love affair with Dabrowski's theory: A personal odyssey
Dabrowski’s theory spoke to me at a very deep level of my being. It has been my guide to self-examination, allowing me to appreciate my intensity and to see the challenges in my life as opportunities for personal growth. For the last three decades, I…

Empathy: The heart of Dabrowski's theory
The ability to feel others’ feelings, openness to others’ pain, deep concern for others—these empathic characteristics—are observable in children and form the basis of altruism. At lower levels of development,
there is no capacity for empathy, only…

Gifts for the Gifted
Abstract: Reviews the book, New Voices in Counseling the Gifted edited by Nicholas Colangelo and Ronald T. Zaffrann (1979). This is the first full-length book to deal with the counseling needs of the gifted is a sad commentary on the state of…
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