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The Fate of Phage DNA and Protein in Maturation
Piechowski's first dissertation for his doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Logical and the Empirical Form of Feeling
Susanne K. Langer's theory of art seems to have suffered some neglect in recent years. The plausibility, usefulness, and demonstrability of her principal idea, that works of art present the logical form of feeling, have been questioned. The purpose…

The Path of Passionate Inquiry: A comment on Smith, Young, Weathersby and Andrews
These are stories of four researchers struggling with tasks for which there can be no formal preparation. Young, Weathersby, and Andrews share a background in behavioral research with its reigning paradigm of theoretical pluralism, a paradigm which…

The Self Victorious
Models of talent development and outstanding achievement emphasize as one of the necessary conditions a strongly supportive environment. Historic and contemporary cases are presented as exceptions to this rule. Examination of these cases shows that…
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