Emotional and Spiritual Giftedness

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Emotional and Spiritual Giftedness

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Childhood Spirituality
Hundreds of examples of childhood spiritual experiences have been collected by researchers in England and the United States. Oddly enough, they have been missed by the mainstream of transpersonal psychology. Three kinds of childhood experiences…

Emotional Giftedness: An Expanded View
We live in an age of prodigies. Young pianists, violinists, even cellists, age 10, 12, or 14 perform brilliantly and movingly with the world's great orchestras. Others enter college and complete a Ph.D. or M.D. before their age mates graduate from…

Childhood Experiences and Spiritual Giftedness
One hundred years ago, William James' study of religious experience was based on reports of spiritually gifted adults. Modern investigators found that when adults were asked about a spiritual experience of lasting significance in their lives, many…

Emotional Development and Emotional Giftedness
This chapter addresses the characteristics of emotional development of gifted children and also gifted adults. Emotional development does not stop in adulthood; on the contrary, it can be all the more intense. It might be helpful, therefore, for the…
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