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Appendix A.pdf
Documents included in the review. Sorted by project file.

Appendix B.pdf
Notes concerning materials selected for review.

Appendix C.pdf
List of documents written by Dabrowski and Piechowski. Includes unpublished materials as well (e.g., conference papers).

This timeline was constructed from retrievals using QDA Miner.

coding freqs - auto-vs - 2-7-17.pdf
QDA Miner coding frequencies for the dynamisms and overexcitabilties in Dabrowski & Piechowski (1996).

Dabrowski OEs.pdf
Dataset prepared for NAGC 2017. Descriptions and examples of overexcitability.

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Data set compiled for NAGC 2017. Descriptions and Examples of Overexcitability.

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Continuing Dynamisms.pdf
Expressions of continuing dynamisms from the theory of positive disintegration.

Dabrowski DP.pdf
Excerpts, by Dabrowski, grouped by theme.
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