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Piechowski's first dissertation for his doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Piechowski's second dissertation for his doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Interview with Michael M. Piechowski, To The Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio. Interviewer: Jim Fleming

Developmental psychology, in spite of its dynamic growth, has not, thus far generated a general theory of human development. Present developmental theories are either cognitive or ontogenetic, or both. All are descriptive. Their powers of explanation…

Today's concept of giftedness has been broadened to include considerably more than academic capability as measured by I.Q. tests, yet, the call for broader conceptualization has essentially resulted in further test orientation. There is a need for a…

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The characteristics of self-actualization are fully reflected in excerpts from Saint-Exupery's autobiographical writings. The correspondence between the characteristics of self-actualization and Saint-Exupery's developmental profile gains special…

There exist important personality characteristics of the gifted and talented that intelligence tests do not tap. Among these characteristics is a broad range of a heightened activity which finds expression in an enlarged and intensified manner of…

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This article describes Eleanor Roosevelt's discipline of inner life. An earlier study (Piechowski & Tyska, 1982) showed that Eleanor Roosevelt met all the criteria of self-actualization as given by Maslow. Maslow labeled her a "doer" rather than a…

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