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This schematic diagram illustrates the main relationships between dynamisms of the inner psychic milieu in multilevel disintegration. The dynamisms placed in the lower part of the diagram represent the spontaneous phase of multilevel disintegration. Creative dynamisms appear very early and develop along with the appearance of new dynamisms and into the later phase of multilevel disintegration. Creative dynamisms together with inner psychic transformation, empathy and identification represent dynamisms present in all stages of development of a multilevel inner psychic milieu. The diagram depicts them as merging with inner psychic transformation and empathy but it is to be understood that they continue to operate even on the level of personality--the highest level of development.

The arrows indicate the primary relationships between certain dynamisms. Thus positive maladjustment is the dynamism from which emerge the broader and stronger dynamisms of self-awareness and self-control. In turn, the dynamism of self-control together with the third factor give rise to the disposing and directing center on a high level. It is this center that will ultimately coordinate and integrate all dynamisms of the inner psychic milieu with the personality ideal which in its full fruition produces personality.

The third factor is the central dynamism in the development of personality but for the sake of clarity it was not possible to indicate on the diagram all its ramifications. (Dabrowski, 1970, p. 67)






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